All brackets will be locked right before tipoff of bracket games (after play-in games)

Brackets and Leaderboards will be updated manually this year since there is no longer an automatic feed. I'll try and do this at least twice a day.


MASTER BRACKET barryn2000 192
HootervilleArnolds HootervilleArnolds 123
sjjones sjjones 118
PokerCat72 PokerCat72 109
CatinIL CatinIL 107
Maysvilleky Maysvilleky 100
barryn2000 barryn2000 73
ahuffman ahuffman 73
PaulRCollins PaulRCollins 72
JFCats22 JFCats22 71
the nail at the foul line the nail at the foul line 70
Bracket pikespeak1 pikespeak1 69
trodg23 trodg23 69
WildOnKnoxville WildOnKnoxville2017 67
nickhorvathsux nickhorvathsux 66
dstroya dstroya 65
swflakat swflakat 65
bigblueincincy bigblueincincy 64
docholiday51 docholiday51 64
jacknewcomer12 jacknewcomer12 64
jf121264 jf121264 63
know1 know1 62
armchairpg armchairpg 62
2dope15 2dope15 61
BigBlueFanGA BigBlueFanGA 60
ukchambliss ukchambliss 60
Chris2123 Chris2123 59
OldEvilleCat OldEvilleCat 59
CMiller CMiller 59
Blobuk Blobuk 59
dry99 dry99 58
BlueWorldOrder74 BlueWorldOrder74 57
BlueEmpire BlueEmpire 57
Blue Balls jnconkwright 57
Fantasy Jack Fantasy Jack 56
CatInNC CatInNC 55
Derbyman32 Derbyman32 55
Dablueman Dablueman 54
Jrpross loves you all jrpross 54
Jerry.Edwards Jerry.Edwards 54
Kyleskids Kyleskids 53
ukcatsfan2 ukcatsfan2 52
jwhite123 jwhite123 51
kycatfan kycatfan 51
ukcatsfan1 ukcatsfan1 Steve A 50
BassProCat BassProCat 50
chroix chroix 49
catsfan3383 catsfan3383 49
WildcatDJ WildcatDJ 48
Cbbcrazy Cbbcrazy 45
upstatedave upstatedave 43
bigdawg435 bigdawg435 42
jameslee32 jameslee32 42

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NCAA Bracket Challenge for members of the Kentucky Wildcats Rivals Rupp Rafters forum

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